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We believe that continuing education and training of our squad members, as well as those of our partner squads around the region, leads to better patient care. When minutes count, it pays to be prepared. Click on the links for resources to educate on topics such as landing zone safety, trauma team activation criteria, radio usage, and a list of resources for approved continuing education by the State of Nebraska.

Gel Pads
IO Fact Sheet
Patient Transfer Information    
Pool Safety
Vent Settings 

Landing Zone Education 

Ensuring that you have a properly established landing zone is essential to the safety of the responding flight crew, ground crews, medical staff and patients. Click on the resources available to view how to set up a proper landing zone or call 308-630-1776 to request a landing zone training in your community.

Landing Zone Diagram
Preparing a Landing Zone

Mentoring Topics

Be sure to check out our newest update. Air Link mentoring topics and updates are for emergency personnel and fellow health care colleagues interested in working with us to provide quality rapid response for all of our patients. If you have an idea for a future topic, please email Chief Flight Nurse Tracy Meyer at

Mentoring Topics
Safe Ground Ambulance Operations Around Air Link Helicopter & Airplane

Air Link Update - First Quarter 2020
Safe Ground Ambulance Operations
Scene Safety
Helicopter Safety
Winter Helipad and Scene Safety
Patients with Cancer
Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies
Diabetic Emergencies
Interfacility Flight Considerations
Crush Injuries and Compartment Syndrome
Scene Set-Up 
COPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
To Resuscitate Or Not to Resuscitate -- Pediatric Edition
To Resuscitate or Not to Resuscitate
Is Your Head in It
Is it Hot Out Here?
Safety First ALWAYS
Altered Levels of Consciousness 
King System Airway Management 
Major Sean Shirley
Boating Safety
Air Link Staff and Families
Flying Safely at Night

YouCan Toucan

Visit our video library to learn about splinting, C-spine immobilization, proper motorcycle helmet removal, and more.