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At Regional West Physicians Clinic-Neurosurgery & Spine Center, we believe that educating patients and their families is key to a successful outcome, whether it involves surgery or another form of treatment.

To ease patient and family concerns related to spinal problems, Dr. Jimenez, in partnership with Regional West Medical Center, offer a new concept in patient orientation called Bringing You “Back.”

One week in advance of spinal surgery and in conjunction with pre-admit testing, patients and their families are invited to the Regional West Physicians Clinic-Neurosurgery & Spine Center office to learn about the Spine Center’s team approach to spine care.

During the Bringing You “Back” orientation, patients get to meet the nurses and staff who will provide care, learn and learn more about their surgical procedure, have the opportunity to ask questions about post-surgery expectations and rehabilitation, and complete paperwork and patient education so they’ll be ready for surgery.