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Meet Regional West’s Cancer Care Team

Regional West’s Cancer Care team includes a number of physician specialists and sub-specialists along with nurses and radiation therapists who are trained in cancer care.

Additionally, pain management specialists, a cancer navigator, nurses, radiation therapists, social workers, dieticians, and a wide range of other health care professionals meet regularly to discuss medical care and support for our cancer patients. Our team includes specialists in the following areas of cancer treatment:

The Radiologist determines the extent of the cancer using mammography, ultrasound, and CT scan.They may also perform image-guided biopsies to help with the diagnosis process.

Pathologists work in a medical laboratory, where they examine tissue samples, cells, and body fluids for traces of cancer.

Medical Oncologists
Medical Oncologists are the main providers of care during your cancer treatment. Together with you and your family, they will determine the course of treatment. They also prescribe chemotherapy and other anti-cancer drugs.

Surgeons remove tumors and surrounding tissue during surgery. They also perform biopsies to aid in determining the diagnosis and extent of disease. 

Radiation Oncologist
The radiation oncologist specializes in treating cancer utilizing radiation therapy during treatment to stop the growth of cancer cells.

Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeon
Plastic/reconstructive surgeons perform reconstructive surgery following treatment of cancers of the breast, extremities, head and neck, torso, and skin 

Cancer Patient Navigator
The Cancer Treatment Center provides the services of a Cancer Patient Navigator, who guides patients through each step so that the treatment process is seamless. They also works with the multi-disciplinary team to provide for the educational, emotional, and social needs of a patient and her family in coping with the breast cancer diagnosis.

Social Worker
Oncology social workers offer educational and psychological support to people who have been diagnosed with cancer. They recommend educational programs related to cancer and provide assistance in meeting the complex and often difficult emotional needs involved with cancer treatment and recovery.

Our Approach to Cancer Care

Because cancer diagnosis and treatment often involve several physicians and cancer care services, navigating the process can be overwhelming. That’s where Regional West’s team approach to cancer shines, says Vincent Bjorling, MD, chairman of Regional West’s Cancer Committee.

“We truly have specialists in every facet of the cancer diagnosis/treatment spectrum,” says Dr. Bjorling. “To find the depth of services and specialization that we offer in a relatively rural facility is amazing and comes as a surprise to most people—I would say that Regional West’s cancer program really is a hidden gem.”

He is quick to add that Regional West has a good relationship with other facilities, so if a patient’s condition and type of cancer warrant receiving treatment elsewhere, then a seamless care transition is made. Likewise, if a patient receives an out-of-town cancer diagnosis, he or she can work with Regional West to receive treatment right here at home.