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Pool therapy
The Rehab Center’s facility boasts a 20 X 36 foot heated aquatic therapeutic pool – the region’s only specific therapy pool. The water in the pool is consistently maintained at a higher temperature than that of a recreational pool in order to facilitate muscle relaxation and range of motion.

One of our physical therapist’s works primarily with aquatic therapy patients, as well as a physical therapy assistant and an athletic trainer who assist in the pool. Aquatic therapy uses the buoyancy of water to reduce strain on the back and joints, and utilizes the resistance of the water to strengthen muscles. Treatment may be delivered in one-on-one therapy sessions, or in a group aquatic session.

Our gym offers a wide array of equipment for evaluating and treating patients. This includes computerized equipment, such as the Biodex, Balance Master, and BTE Work Simulator that can be used to measure a patient’s strength, motion, balance, and ability to perform tasks.

Mobility courtyard
Our outdoor mobility courtyard allows patients to practice walking on a variety of different surfaces and grades. Therapists use mobility courtyards to help patients re-learn how to walk on different surfaces, reducing their risk of a fall.