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Medical Patient

If your call concerns a MEDICAL patient, you will be connected with an on-call hospitalist (for patient acceptance) and the house supervisor (for bed placement). The charge nurse for the floor/unit to which the patient will be assigned will also be immediately conferenced-in, ensuring that the chief complaint/diagnosis information is delivered just one time.

The Transfer Center Specialist (TCS) monitors the call, ensuring the information exchanged is made available in follow-up calls placed (as applicable) to main admitting, Emergency Department admitting, case management and the Emergency Department nursing station. Main admitting assigns a specific patient account number immediately upon contact with the Transfer Center, ensuring the rapid and accurate tracking of patient activities and information.

Trauma Patient

If your call concerns a TRAUMA patient, you will be immediately connected with an Emergency Department physician. As a Level II Trauma Center, Regional West Medical Center accepts all trauma patients. Bed acceptance will be handled by follow-up telephone calls placed by the TCS and the House Supervisor, if necessary. The follow-up calls will include communicating to the sending physician/nurse of the patient’s arrival and bed placement.