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What is survivorship care?

Survivorship care is an important continuum of your cancer care and provides follow-up care after your initial cancer treatment. The National Health Institute and Commission on Cancer recommends that patients diagnosed with cancer should transition into survivorship care once treatment is completed and there is no evidence of disease.

Our goal is to provide patients with surveillance for cancer recurrence, secondary cancers, and tools for managing treatment side effects. Survivorship care is ongoing. You and your physician or provider will discuss an appropriate schedule for follow-up appointments. This can be a challenging time and we want to provide this essential part of your cancer care.

How can survivorship care help me?

  • Appropriate follow-ups to monitor and watch for signs and symptoms of recurrence, as well as making sure that new cancer is not developing
  • Management of side effects following diagnosis and treatment
  • Reminders to schedule appropriate screenings
  • Assistance with healthy lifestyle management, including nutritional needs, weight management, and smoking cessation
  • Assistance with psychosocial needs, such as issues in the workplace, home, or finances, as well as discussion of available support groups
  • Assistance in managing care with your oncologist, primary care provider, specialists, or other disciplines to best coordinate your healthcare needs
  • Each patient will be provided with a treatment summary and plan of care

What role will an oncology nurse practitioner play in my care?

Oncology nurse practitioners work together with your oncologist. They are highly skilled professionals whose advanced training and specializations provide you with a range of services. There are a number of areas where your nurse practitioner may be involved in your care, including:

  • Documenting your health history
  • Ordering tests
  • Follow-up care in the clinic or hospital
  • Assessing your symptoms and providing examinations
  • Providing support, including treatment and education
  • Managing treatment side effects
  • Monitoring medication
  • Helping promote continuity of care
  • Making community referrals
  • Educating you on the specifics of your treatment

For more information on survivorship care or to make an appointment, please contact Sue Schoeneman, MSN, ACNP, AOCNP, at 308-630-2100 or