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A student desiring transfer to Regional West Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology must have all pertinent information and previous educational records (including college and radiography program transcripts) sent to the program director prior to any determination of acceptance.

Students transferring into the program must complete the application form. References submitted must include his or her current program director and at least one of the clinical instructors from the former program.

A transfer shall be approved on an individual basis with emphasis on performance and references. Courses with grades of 80% or better shall be deemed as transferable into the program. Grades lower than 80% in the radiography program courses will require remedial training and retesting in those areas by the student.

The Educational Advisory Committee shall meet to determine whether to accept the student into the program.

Acceptance shall also be dependent on the number of students in the current cohort and availability of vacant positions within the program. The acceptance of a transfer student shall be subject to the limits of class size as determined by JRCERT.

If accepted into the program, the student will need to have appropriate background checks, pre-admittance drug testing performed, and submit required immunization records prior to admission. The student transferring into the program shall comply with the program and sponsoring institution policies and pay tuition appropriate for the term enrolled.

The student will be placed into the appropriate year of training dependent on previous classes. Generally, if the student has completed Anatomy and Positioning, he or she will be placed in the second year class.

The transfer student must meet Regional West Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology requirements, including all classes or their equivalents, prior to graduation. This shall include requirements for clinical education courses.

A student who wishes to transfer out of the Regional West Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology program should contact the program director about transfer of grades and other needed materials. Grades will be sent to colleges or universities only upon written request by the student.

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