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Regional West Medical Center, a non-profit, locally owned and governed, 188-bed acute care hospital serves as the regional referral center for the Nebraska panhandle and communities in neighboring states. We are committed to advancing the health and wellness of the individuals and communities we are honored to serve.

As required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Regional West conducts Community Health Needs Assessments to determine the current and projected future health care needs in our area, identify gaps in services, and prioritize how we can help to improve the health of our communities.

To learn about our community assessments and how we fulfill community health needs, we invite you to click on the links below:

2024 Community Health Improvement Plan Report

2023 Community Health Needs Assessment Part 1

2023 Community Health Needs Assessment Part 2


2020 Community Health Needs Assessment of Regional West Medical Center

2020 Community Health Improvement Plan


2018 Community Health Improvement Plan Report

2017 Community Health Improvement Plan Report

2017 Community Health Needs Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan

2016 Community Health Improvement Plan Report.

2015-2017 Community Health Needs Assessment and Health Improvement Plan.

2012-2013 Community Health Needs Assessment Plan.

2017 Community Health Improvement Plan Report

2017 Community Health Needs Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan