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Ambient Specimens

Specimens that do not require special temperatures or handling can be given to your courier in plastic specimen bags, provided. 

Frozen Specimens

Frozen Specimen Transport Containers are provided by Regional West Laboratory Services to ensure protection for your specimens. It is imperative that these containers be frozen overnight prior to use and also to completely freeze the specimen in plastic (not glass) transport vials provided, prior to shipment in the containers. Send each frozen specimen in a vial not more than ¾ full. 

Refrigerated Specimens

Place the specimen in a tightly sealing plastic bag provided to you by our lab. Place the accompanying request form in the sleeve on the outside of this bag. These may then be given to your courier for appropriate shipment to our lab.

Infectious Specimens

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in its regulations of July 21, 1980, has listed organisms/diseases for which special packaging and labeling must be applied. Required special containers and packaging instructions can be obtained from us by using the "Request for Supplies" form located in Special Instructions. Shipping regulations require that infectious substances affecting humans be shipped in a special manner. Call Client Services at 888-522-7962 or 308-630-1398 for specific instructions. A copy of the regulations can be requested from the International Air Transport Association (IATA); they may be contacted by phone at 514-390-6770 or faxed at 514-874-2660. Special packaging and package labeling are required for shipping infectious substances. Shipping containers and labels are supplied. Documentation of the requirements is very specific and cannot deviate from International Air Transport Association requirements. If you think you may have a specimen that should be sent according to these guidelines, it is very important that you call Client Services prior to shipping. You will then be sent the necessary packing materials required to ship infectious specimens.