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What is Ideal Protein?

Ideal Protein is a medically developed, four step weight loss method. This method targets fat loss while preserving lean body mass including muscle and other vital tissues. It will teach your body to efficiently live off its own fat reserves as a major energy source. Most participants lose between two to four pounds per week. During this process, you will be assigned a weight loss coach to educate and guide you each step of the way. 

Phase 1: During Phase 1, you’ll receive weekly one-on-one coaching. You’ll start by using a packet of Ideal Protein food as the basis of three of your four meals each day. Your other meal allows you to eat salad, acceptable vegetables, and an additional protein source. During phase one of the diet, participants are taught how to incorporate vegetables into their new lifestyle. Participants stay on phase one of the program until 100 percent of goal weight loss is achieved.

Phase 2: This phase begins to teach participants how to reduce their dependence on the Ideal Protein products. You'll reduce the Ideal Protein foods to two per day. Vegetables, unlimited lettuce, and two additional proteins of your choice will be added for lunch and dinner. You’ll stay on Phase 2 for two weeks.

Phase 3:  Phase 3 begins the process of weight stabilization. At this point, the body is slowly reintroduced to healthy fats and carbohydrates, but only in the morning. Aggressive education about healthy fats and carbohydrates begins. We also begin helping the dieter learn about his or her own basal metabolic rate and lifelong weight maintenance. 

Phase 4: This phase begins the process of weight maintenance. We will continue to help successful participants transition into the toughest part of the diet: maintaining weight loss. Ongoing follow-up with weekly or twice monthly return visits are highly encouraged. Participants can remain in this phase indefinitely or until they feel confident that their new healthy weight can be maintained without our support.

For more in-depth information, read The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method

Can anyone participate?

Those interested in the program must have their medical history carefully reviewed, as some conditions limit participation or may require their health care provider's permission. Please complete and submit a health profile.