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We Take a Team Approach to Providing the Best Health Care for You

May 20, 2016  | By Raqeeb Haque, MD

Our patients come to us seeking relief from the incredible pain of herniated discs, the worrisome symptoms of brain tumors, and the pain and symptoms of other neurological condition. They are, of course, seeking neurosurgery expertise from me and Dr. Jimenez, but the care we provide is far more comprehensive.  

We take a team approach to spine care and brain and nervous system conditions. We work closely with other physicians who specialize in pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychiatry, and orthopaedics, because we believe that the best care results from the combined skill, knowledge, and insight of a multi-disciplinary care team.

Once a month, Dr. Jimenez and I host a Spine Conference for health care providers who represent a variety of disciplines, medical directors, and others, to review neurosurgery cases and discuss care plans for individual patients. Having multiple physicians and other medical professionals working together to analyze conditions and discuss treatment is a great benefit to our patients and results in better care.

Our clinic also offers personalized care by two nurse practitioners – Mary Schweitzer, APRN-C, and Robert Ganz, ACNP-BC – and physical therapist Henri Prieels, who is certified in McKenzie® Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment, which is a scientifically proven assessment process that will identify the best treatment solution for back, neck and extremity problems.



We Take the Apprehension Out of Back Surgery by Bringing You “Back”

Dec. 16, 2015 | By Omar Jimenez, MD, FAANS

We believe that educating patients and their families is key to a successful outcome, whether it involves surgery or another form of treatment. So by putting ourselves in our patients’ shoes, so to speak, we developed a new concept in patient orientation to ease patient and family concerns related to spine surgery.

One week in advance of spinal surgery and in conjunction with pre-admit testing, patients and their families are invited to Regional West Physicians Clinic-Neurosurgery and Spine Center for a healthy lunch and an opportunity to learn about the Spine Center’s team approach to spine care. We call our patient orientation program Bringing You “Back” and it’s as welcoming as it sounds.

During the Bringing You “Back” orientation, patients get to meet the nurses and staff who will provide care, see the nursing unit where the patient will be hospitalized, learn and have the opportunity to ask questions about post-surgery expectations and rehabilitation, and complete paperwork and patient education so they’ll be ready for surgery.

Our goal is to involve patients in their treatment through each step of the program. You’ll leave orientation with a handy Bringing You “Back” guidebook that provides the information needed to maximize a safe and successful surgical experience, and a greater sense of understanding about your upcoming surgery.