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At Regional West, we continually measure our performance on factors that affect our patients’ quality of care and hospital experience. Timely and effective care (also known as “core measures” or “process of care”) is used to know where we are meeting and exceeding standards, and where we can take steps to do a better job caring for our patients.

Core measures were established in 2002 by The Joint Commission, the nation's leader in standards setting and accreditation for health care, to improve the quality of health care by implementing a nation-wide standardized performance-measuring system. Core measures are clinical quality measures related to specific conditions such as influenza immunization, stroke, and pneumonia, and help hospitals improve the quality of patient care by focusing on the actual care results.

When comparing data from different hospitals, remember that although many hospitals report on the same measures, methods of reporting and analyzing the data can be slightly different. This can sometimes make it difficult to compare directly between different health care organizations.

Timely and Effective Care – Process of Care Measures

The measures of timely and effective care demonstrate (1) the percentage of Regional West Medical Center patients who receive treatments known to get the best results for certain serious medical conditions or surgical procedures, and (2) how quickly Regional West Medical Center treats patients who come to the hospital with certain medical emergencies. These measures apply to patients for whom the medical treatment would be appropriate, and the measures reflect acceptable standards of care based on current scientific evidence. 

Measures of timely and effective care for Influenza Immunization, Perinatal Care, Stroke, and Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis (VTE) are calculated from data Regional West extracts from the medical record for eligible patients. Regional West Medical Center must follow standard specifications for abstracting and reporting the data. The data is reported to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and The Joint Commission in compliance with regulatory statutes.

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